April 24, 2019

Skiing in L'Alpe d'Huez

I spent Easter wearing factor 50 high up in the mountains in France. High above the clouds, in the fresh air with rosy cheeks. After spending a week skiing I am determined this has to become a yearly event - what fun it was!

Our first day here we arrived quite late and only had time to pick up our ski's, unpack our clothes and hit the bar. The first night it was hard to sleep. I was just too excited to get up and clip my ski's on.

Vive la France! Endless layers of blue and glittering snow competing side by side greeted us during our time here. If heaven is a place on earth, I'm pretty sure this is it.

Each day we spent 6 hours on the slopes, followed by 2 hours apres. Then it was back to the hotel, shower, eat and get ready for our nights out. I wonder how many steps I did this week, but what I can say is that by the end of it, I was tired for all the right reasons.

Le Pic Blanc. 3,300m altitude and the starting point of Europe's longest black run, The Sarenne.

Freedom like you've never felt it.

Till next year!