February 1, 2019

Cornwall 2019

2019 started the best way possible; during the intense exam revision period in January I got to have a mini-break when my mother-in-law celebrated her 50th birthday in Cornwall. She had rented a Georgian manor house built in the early 1800s, complete with an open fireplace and a piano, and invited the family there to spend time with her. It was such a fun few days in a stunning location!

Treharrock Manor is only a 10-minute drive from charming fisherman village Port Isaac, and a few nearby beaches which names I'm not sure of. It was a great opportunity to visit the seaside and breathe some fresh air into my formula-filled head.

... Raz seemed to enjoy it too.

I love this part of England, it is so serene and tranquil. Time just moves slower down here. Each time I look out on the vastness of the Atlantic and the relentless effort of waves breaking the shore, it makes me in awe of how beautiful our planet is. You simply must come here and experience it to yourself.