August 24, 2018


I'd only been in Norway for a short time when my sister suggested a mountain walk in the midnight sun. Eager to spend time with my sister, we laced up our hiking boots, met a friend, and headed towards Fugltind.

Fugltind is a mountain in Balsfjord municipality and the view from the top shows most of Balsfjord. It's 1,033m above sea level and average time spent on the walk is 5 hours. It took us 4 hours there and back again, and that's with my sister and her friend's high tempo (they're both so fit!).

Sea mist rolling in over the hills towards Malangen.

The first 40 minutes are the hardest as there is a steep incline. After that, we reached a plateau where the ground levelled out and I got the chance to catch my breath again, before embarking on the last leg of the journey, the final ascend towards the top.

It was a little grey when we started the walk but once we reached the top, the clouds cleared up and revealed beautiful colouring on the sky. We came back down in the early hours, body aching, but with memories of a great trip.

I've rarely had a better night's sleep.