June 30, 2018

Mljet Island, Croatia

Mljet holds a national park which we had read about and wanted to visit. We arrived by ferry and checked in to the island's only hotel, Odisej. That same day we hired bikes and biked around the lakes in the national park. It took us just over an hour, and that included stopping here and there to enjoy the views and take pictures. Afterwards we cooled down by jumping into the lake. It was rather refreshing!

Later that evening we had just finished a restaurant meal when there was a power cut all over the island. We sat in complete darkness looking at each other, wondering what to do? Luckily we had finished eating, so we were in no rush to go anywhere. The waiters came running out with candles and wine on the house - it actually turned out quite romantic!

Despite the power cut (the power came back a few hours later), if you're in Croatia this is a nice island to visit. Getting there is easy; simply take the ferry from Dubrovnik to Pomena, if Dubrovnik is your starting point. We only spent a night there but that was enough for us.

Let me know if you visit.

Those with generators did not struggle during the power cut.